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Council Members
Contractor: Large
Dan Liening
12441 U.S. Highway 40, PO 146
Highland, IL 62249
“I’d rather drive nails than eat.” Our founder Ralph Korte said it. To this day, we live it. We put our passion into every project and approach each as if it was our own.
We’re a Design-Build construction company focused on getting the job done. And finding the best way to do it. More than 90 percent of our work is Design-Build because it offers the most flexibility and results in best-value solutions.
To date, we’ve delivered more than 2,500 projects. On-budget. On-time. Every time. We manage more than $250 million of construction volume each year, and we still treat every job like we’re building for our neighbors — the same way we started in 1958.
Members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and we have a strong history of delivering USGBC LEED Certified projects.
From Maine to California, Washington to Florida, even Alaska and Hawaii — we've completed Design-Build projects in 42 states and counting. As a leading national Design-Builder, we can take on nearly any job, big or small, in any area of the U.S.